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The production of fashion clothing under the brand of MARKAM starts in the beginning of 1990. Today the company is one of the biggest producers of high quality ladies’ wear in Bulgaria. The gracious models are preferred by the refined ladies in the country as well as in Europe, Asia and America. For a few years the company is represented in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Since the beginning of 2007 MARKAM prepares three new representations in Sweden, Austria and Spain. The major goal of the team is to create a distributing network all around Europe during this year.

The biggest foreign market for the clothing under the MARKAM brand is in Russia. The company has its own showroom in the country, where it sells its merchandise to the local traders.

During 2006 was introduced into exploitation a new modern factory, in which work more than 250 people total. The specifics in the designing and producing clothing are that each line is structured as a separate manufacturing unit with its own team. In each department there are two designers and five workers. The teams develop the models with a sense of creativity, finding the perfect balance between ideas, attractive materials, uncompromising quality and affordable price. The pure line of the models, combined with the unerring sense of contemporaneity is the work of the chief designer of MARKAM Nikolay Buzov

Zlatna igla 2008Recently the company opened its first store in the country. It is situated in the new mall “Sky city” in Sofia.

Fashion house “MARKAM” is the holder of Fashion academy award for fashion business and entrepreneurship "Fashion Merkurii 2006".

In October 2008 the Fashion academy awarded  "Markam Fashion" with the highest award "Zlatna igla 2008" for a fashion house of the year at an official ceremony in hotel Sheraton Sofia.

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